Apparel franchising prospects in India is the most attractive noteworthy franchise business opportunities, a substantial fragment of the franchise industry and also an important prospect to start your distinctive womens fashion business. There are classified forms of clothing franchises inclusive of international brands, style brands, women apparels, kids fashion, rebate/discount stores, profitable franchise, men’s clothing and other many recognized brands. Additionally beginning any business a franchise business is not really a cakewalk.

The global apparel market is anticipated at 3 trillion dollars, 3,000 billion, and accounts for 2 percent of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The comprehensive retail value of the true luxury commodities market is 339.4 billion dollars. The fashion industry comprise of plentiful sub industries, such ascausals, formals, women’s’wear, menswear, sportswear and many more.

It is also speculated that with the expense power of Indian population will cross 100 million dealings by 2020 merely by online, thus enlisting India among the topmost five luxury markets in the world by 2025. Franchising underwrites around 14% of the GDP with yearly development of 35% in about 2.3 trillion economies. It’s earned the transference of people’s consumption from non-branded or disorganized to renowned brands as India is just a abundantly utilized expendable income of its masses. With the foreseeable expansion in luxury market, Indian luxury market shall cross $18.3 billion by 2016 and moreover resulting in 18-20% over another upcoming three years, driven by utilization in smaller cities and towns.